I finally got rid of the superfluous blog/ in the URL having already a blog sub-domain. Of course, I didn’t want to break old links so I added the following line in my nginx config:

rewrite ^/blog(.*)$ $1 permanent;

But as always with nginx, that worked like a charm and was just too easy. So I thought I would troll some nasty crawlers while I was at editing my nginx config.

Even though I don’t use PHP, a lots of bots are spamming my logs with GET /wp-login.php?action=register and so forth.

So from now on, I just tell them I’m a teapot:

location ~ \.(aspx|php|jsp|cgi)$ {
  return 418 "I'm a teapot!";

Hopefully, that will make them confused enough to GTFO for good.

PS: I should point out this would not have been possible without that brilliant RFC written exactly fifteen years ago.